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I'm a Cambridge-based filmmaker and editor. Filmmaking has been my thing for over a decade, following stories and subjects to every corner of the globe. From favela evictions in Brazil to Shaolin monks in China; from high fashion in Milan to high altitude in the Alps.

It has been over a decade since I graduated with first class honours in Film & TV Production from the Cambridge School of Art. My portfolio of work since then is as diverse as my client-base and includes documentaries, music videos and branded commercial content.


Whether it's a promo or a documentary, I can take your project from conception through to the final cut.


If your footage has already been taken care of I can take the rushes and craft them into something awesome.


I'm a fully equipped self-shooter with

high-end 4K cameras, lighting and audio equipment ready to go.


Tom, Ignition

Ryan managed to capture the tone and mood of the event, with an excellent balance of content and an engaging narrative.

Tara, Rapid Labs

Ryan did a fantastic job... We were extremely impressed.

Neil, Cambs Police

Ryan has produced four excellent short videos which were exactly what I asked for.

Regardt, Visual Retailing

I was very impressed by how quick, efficient and professionally he worked.

Hannah, Salix & Co

Ryan has worked on multiple projects for us and we have been very impressed with the quality of the videos he has produced

Dave, Photopositive

At all times I have found Ryan to be professional, efficient and fun to work with.

Sam, EdTech Exchange

Ryan is talented, reliable, and professional. He is very good at putting people at ease when they are in front of the camera.

Graeme, Educational App Store

I was impressed by his professionalism, dedication and ability.

Andrej, Mediamerge

I was impressed with his attention to detail, and he really listened and understood what we were looking for.

Alby, Rwanda Cricket

Chuffed with our video. This man is the real deal.

Susan, Thalidomide Trust

Ryan was professional, helpful, courteous and very easy to work with. 

David, Filmmaker

Ryan proved himself as a first rate editor.


I visited Phoenix at his home in Coventry and shot this film in his living room, which doubles up as his dialysis treatment room. 

IMG_2423 2.jpeg

I had a week free to disappear somewhere. And while Cyprus was a contender for its shit-hot November weather and lax Covid entry requirements, I chose it primarily for the halloumi...


Call it Western bias but when I first came across the Vietnam War being referred to as the American War it took me a moment to recalibrate. But, I know, obviously they wouldn't call it the Vietnam War in Vietnam. It was a bit like when I first discovered they don't call it the English Channel in France...

Thumbnail 2.jpg

Ten years ago Brazilian authorities began evicting favela residents from their homes in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At best, they prioritised the whims of a one-off sporting mega-event over the lives of poor people. At worst, it was social cleansing...


"Hanoi's like fucking Beirut" warned the classic Brit Abroad we met towards the end of our trip, whose worldly references seemed to be limited to a Middle Eastern civil war that ended 30 years ago. That's assuming he was comparing Hanoi to the once war-torn streets of the Lebanese capital and not emphasising an abundance of hummus...


Towards the end of last summer I was part of a small camera crew to squeeze into an even smaller wooden cabin for a shoot on a slice of Hertfordshire farmland. We were there to make the music video for Ice Cream, a single from Irish singer-songwriter Tod Doyle (arguably the best thing to come out of Ireland since Father Ted)...

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